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Project About "How to become Global Citizen"

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  Open Project for

We are happy
to inform you that we have started a great project for students of
entire world.  We have started a project in which students
have to share their idea about “How we become a Global Citizen”
people.  Actually we know that in today’s world the boundaries
of nation are not meant like ancient world. We have Internet and
many other Communication Medias to communicate and make contact
with the people of other parts of this world. The people of this
modern world always are in touch with each other.  We know
that the students are more social in these days with their
international friends and partners. In these days teachers and
students are using internet for their teaching and study purpose.
It does not mean that the teachers and students are from which
nation. It is my request to students and teachers that please take
part in this project which is organized by “Join Study”. To join
this project please fill the following form and send us. Then we

A Discussion about a Simple Problem Integral_0^pi cot(x) dx

This is very simple problem but as per request of my student now i am starting a discussion about it.
Now see
This Integral does not converge.
Visual representation of the integral:
Nonintegrable singularities of the integrand in the integration interval:

If you have any thought for this discussion please post in the place of comments.