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Ed News

Ed News

Success story
of our study program for students of low income

Our study and skill development program
for the students of low income family is mostly welcome by girl
students in South Asia.  It is really a good work done by
teachers of Join Study. I think in South Asian nation like
Bangladesh and Nepal where poverty is very high this study program
is really very helpful for students and mainly for their girl
students. Due to social infrastructure in Bangladesh the parents
think that their girls take education but they are very anxious for
the security of their girls, so they insist their girl students to
join the study via online. This is the big reason why this Online
Study Program is mostly welcome by the girl students in South Asia.
The most nation of South Asia have same problem excluding India. In
India the problem is different. In India here is a big middle class
society who has enough money to
take education in any good Institution
or University. They are able to af…

Ed News

Ed News

 Join Study is started a new program for students of South Asia . Those
students who are from low income family background and can't afford
costly tutoring service for them Join Study has started free online
tuition classes. It is really a very helpful for students of South Asia.

  Thanks to join study for helping thees students who are from poor family. It is really a great work for the people of South Asia. Actually people of South Asia are needing educational help to develop their nations.