Thursday, 16 January 2014

Free Study Helpline on Skype

We know that from coming March the season of  Examination will be begin in India  , So at this time students are very busy  to prepare their subjects for coming Examination .

Here is a good news for students who want an Helpline for help in Mathematics for their Examination .  Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom already understand the problem of students and started an Helpline Service for Mathematics . Students  may add Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom on their Skype and ask their questions from Mathematics if any . This Helpline service is completely free for students and they may ask their question directly from Ajit Mishra by posting their question on the Chat Room in Skype . For taking this free service first you have to add Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom on your Skype and ask him to add for this service.
This service is not only for Indian Students but Student from the entire World may add themselves for this Free Helpline Service . This Service is only for two subjects Mathematics and Logistics Management .

To Join Free Helpline Service for students Please CLICK HERE

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