Monday, 20 January 2014

Formulas For Differential Co-officiant

Before find differential co-officiant of any mathematical term it is important to remember these formulas . These formulas are very helpful to find differential co-officiant .

1)          (d/dx)(c)=0

                   where    c    is a constant 

2)          (d/dx)(u+v)=(du/dx)+(dv/dx)

3)          (d/dx)(u-v)=(du/dx)-(dv/dx)

4)          (d/dx)(u.v)=(vdu/dx)+(udv/dx)

5)          (d/dx)(u/v)=[(vdu/dx)+(udv/dx)]/v.v

6)          (d/dx)(cu)=cdu/dx

                    where    c      is a constant .

7)          dy/dx=(dy/du)(du/dx)

8)          dy/dx=1/(dx/dy)

9)          dy/dx= (dy/du)(du/dv)(dv/dx)  

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