Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to Join Ajit Mishra's Online Clasroom

           This is an Online Classroom of Mathematics & Logistics Management 

After many Educational Posts by Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom in this Blog we received many requests from Parents and Students about "How they can join this Online Classroom and how it works ?" .
       First of all this is an Online Classroom which has two teaching platforms Skype and Google Hangout . Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom provides both Paid and Free Online Tutorial Classes for two Subjects Mathematics and Logistics Management . We provide Online Tuition Classes for Mathematics to the students of High School Level and Logistics Management to the student of MBA , Universities and  Logistics Professionals who wants to join some Online Professional Training Program

  Here is Some Details about Online Classes of   Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom :---

1) Details about Free Classes :-
                 We Provide free Online Classes of Mathematics at 11:00PM IST (+5:30 hr GMT) on Saturday and for Logistics Management at 10:00 PM IST (+5:30 hr GMT ) on Monday Only on Google Hangout . This free session is about two hours . This free Online class is open for all and students will join Google Hangout free to AIR  . All students are allow to ask their questions  with Ajit Mishra . Students may also join the Question and Answer hour with free according to given schedule on the timetable given below this post . Students are also welcome if they will ask any question through write their comments on the blog .

2) Details about Paid Classes :-
                 We provide Paid Classes daily as per given timetable below in this post or as per the need of the students  . Now Again I am  posting the Timetable here for you but this timetable will be changed as per needs of the students . For paid Online Classes students may  join Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom on any platform either Skype or Google Hangout which they want . Paid Online Classes is full version Online Classroom with video calling .

 Time Schedule of Classes by Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom
Daily Time Schedule for Online Classes , All times are given on IST ( +5:30 hr from GMT ) .
10 AM to 11 AM - Mathematics Class
11 AM to 12 Noon - Mathematics Class
12 Noon to 1 PM - Question & Answer hour free for all
1 PM to 2 PM - Logistics Management
5 PM to 6 PM - Mathematics Class
6 PM to 7 PM - Logistics Management
7 PM to 8 PM - Logistics Management
10 PM to 11 PM - Spoken English

Sunday is free for meeting with students , Coaching Administrator , Institution Administrator , Parents & people .
Time will be changed as per demand of Paid Students

Charges are as follows for Paid Online Classes of Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom
                        1) $10/hr for one to one  online class.
                        2) $20/hr for a group of students not more then 4 students.
                        3) $50/hr for a Classroom .

Payments are accepted on my PayPal or direct on my Bank Account as per Student's needs of Online Tuition Classes . After a discussion Parents or Students will ask me for email Payment mode for my PayPal  Account. Every thing will be discuss on Skype or Google Hangout . Students or Parents may join Online Classes or Call me by the given link on the Side bar of This Blog .

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