Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Question & Answer hour of Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom

Question and Answer hour is a free hour for students when they may ask any Question from Ajit Mishra in this Online Classroom . This hour is popularly known as Q & A hour of Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom . This hour is free for any student . any one may join this hour free of charge . we never take any charge from students to join this Q & A hour . Daily we arrange this Q & A hour for period of only one hour . Any  Student may join this hour to get current and direct answer from Ajit Mishra .Daily at 12 Noon  to 01:00PM (IST) we organize this Q & A hour . IST means Indian Slandered Time which is +5:30 hour from GMT . Students may adjust there timing with IST and GMT time and then they may call to Ajit Mishra's Online Classroom on Skype . All students are welcome to join this Q & A hour  at this Online Classroom .

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